David har påbörjat utbildning till bibliotekarie. Han söker stöd och utbyte med Sverige.

Det kom ett brev till Tandalaföreningen…

Tandalaföreningen har länge sökt en sponsor till David Ezekiel Mhehe så att han kan fullfölja sin utbildning till bibliotekarie. David vill också gärna ha kontakt med bibliotekarier i Sverige för att utbyta tankar. Om du kan tänka dig att vara med och sponsra hans utbildning kan du sätta in valfritt belopp på bg 5589-7565. Skriv David Ezekiel, ditt namn och din adress eller mailadress. Om du vill brevväxla med David kan du höra höra av dig till lundahl.gunilla@gmail.com så förmedlas kontakten.

Läs Davids brev här:

My name is   David Ezekiel Mhehe. I’m living in Tanzania –Nzega – Tabora. I’m 21 years old. I have completed secondary education ordinary level IV at Nzega Secondary School,since 2013. I has got division IV in my exam.

I like to study librarianship course, because in Tanzania has not enough expert and skilled manpower of librarian, so   I want to be a professional librarian in order to provide more education to the society about the important of library and how to use library materials, during user enter to the library for the purpose of searching different information by using equipment such as computer and  to access information or material through internet.


I need good relationship in Sweden in order to know how different libraries provide library materials to the different user who visits the library for the purpose of reading, studying and consultation. Especially   in academic library and public    library. And I want to know to know how digital library in Sweden provide service to the users.


  • In Tanzania library are used to provide education information to the people, due to library materials that available. Eg. Tanzania library service board (TLSB)
  • To preserve library materials for present and future generation.
  • To organize library materials by using major tools cataloguing and classification.
  • To offer recreational and cultural information to the people.
  • To provide general information for supporting training programme. Eg. Education level such as college library university library and school library through academic library.
  • It provides reference materials at appropriate level such as academic library.


  • Lack of sufficient and skilled manpower to establish and run libraries in the country.
  • Lacks of equipment to store and searching information materials such as computer that used to access materials through internet. Many library in Tanzania especially academic library have not a lot of computer that are support to retrieval information also some of user share one tool to access materials.
  • Education system, people are told to read in order to pass the examination only and not to take reading as life process.
  • Lack of library development policy, Tanzania has lack guideline or policy on the development of library and information service.
  • Lack of literature in the local language, people did not come to the library because they think that all books in the library have written in English only.
  • Poor security , in Tanzania library security are not come to the library, security are not well in the library some of user are removing library resources and are determinate of books by tearing some page.

I will be thanks if my request will be consider to supporting me to study this course of librarian. Because I have a desire to be professional libraries in order to establish the library in Tanzania especially academic library in order to encourage habit so it enable to improve academic performance.

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